AUSDOM AH2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

AUSDOM headphones are known for their good looks and outstanding audio performance. They are thoughtfully designed and powerful.

If you are thinking about buying the AUSDOM AH2 wireless Bluetooth headphones then here’s our review to help you with the decision. Let’s take a closer look at these headphones’ features and find out whether or not they meet the expectations set by the brand.

When the AUSDOM AH2 headphones arrive you will notice that they are beautifully packaged. As you take the headphones out of the box, you will see that the design is pretty minimalistic yet beautiful. The headphones come with a 3.5mm jack and a USB cable.

The eye-catching red headbandand ear cups scream for attention. We like the black/red color combination and contemporarylook of these headphones. The headphones feel ultra-light when compared to other models from Logitech and Sennheiser.

We like the way the ear cups and headband are well padded to give extra comfort to users. Even if you wear the headphones for a long period of time, they do not make you feel uncomfortable. The intelligent design of the Ausdom AH2s’ ear cups allows the headband to move so it can comfortably fit all types of head shape.

While we appreciate how comfortable the AUSDOM AH2s are, there is an issue with the on-ear design. We feel like the ear cups are a bit too big to be called on-ear headphones, though they are smaller than over-ear headphones.

When it comes to performance, the quality of audio produced by the AH2 headphone is better than most of the other products in this price range. The sound is crisp and clear with well-defined trebles, highs and mids. We love the clarity and detailing of the sound which creates an immersive experience. While the sound quality is really good, it does not create any kind of noise reduction.

We also like the Bluetooth capability of the headphones powered by Bluetooth V4.0+EDR technology which allows you to go wireless. You can access media and take calls with the help of the built-in microphone.

The quality of bass produced by the AH2s isn’t as deep as expected, but it’s enough to give a deep tone to music. These headphones are perfect for those who are not planningto listen tolots of bass-heavy tracks.

AUSDOM AH2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Features of the AUSDOM AH2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Measures 6.9 x 1.2 x 7.1 inches
  • Weighs 2 ounces
  • 5mm AUX line
  • Bluetooth V4.0+EDR technology
  • Dynamic 40mm drivers
  • Leather-padded design
  • Soft ear cushions


  • Good battery life, with up to 20 hours of playing time and 250 hours standby when fully charged
  • Built-in microphone allows clear communication even in a windy or noisy environment
  • Delivers high-quality stereo music, crisp and clear speech
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easily compatible with all types of devices
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Great value for money
  • Connects wirelessly with a smartphone,iPad or other Bluetooth device
  • Adjustable headband accommodates all head shapes and rotatingear cups offer a customized fit


  • Not sound-canceling like Bose headphones


The AUSDOM AH2 headphones live up to the promise of high-quality sound and great comfort. What’s not to like about this headphone? It comes in an eye-catching color combination that demands attention wherever you go.

The ear cups are made of soft materials and the headband is adjustable to comfortably accommodate all head shapes. The snug fit and light design make it easy to wear the headphones all day long without wanting to take them off.

The Bluetooth technology works great and lets you go wireless while listening to music or answering calls. Although it doesn’t cancel noise like Bose headphones, you can have a disturbance-free conversation even in a noisy environment.

Overall, we like the minimal design, sound quality and performance of the AUSDOM AH2 headphones, which makes them a good choice for those who want excellent audio at an unbeatable price.