BlueAnt Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones Review

Headphones are very handy accessories for people who enjoy listening to music on their smartphone, laptop or MP3 player. Aside from letting you listen to your favorite songs without disturbing others, headphones also give you the freedom to do other things while listening to music.

It’s liberating to be able to listen to music privately, which is one of the reasons why headphones are indispensable for many people.

While some people think that headphones are just simple accessories and are something they could live without, there are other people who consider them part of their daily routine and thinks of them as a necessity. This is especially true for people who are really into music. Artists and music lovers really appreciate the convenience that headphones offer.

Even people who are not that into music find great value in headphones, especially when using high-end headphones with amazing features. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money just to get the quality of headphones you deserve.

There are lots of really good makes and models that you can find in the market that cater to specific consumer needs. For example, some headphones are designed for gaming and have elaborate features that make simple games become more memorable and entertaining.

There are headphones that are designed for people who are into mixing and making music. Everyone has their own specific requirements from the headphones they are using.

Good quality headphones that are available at a very affordable price are hard to come by. But if you’re patient enough to read through product reviews online you’d find products like the BlueAnt – Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones.

Key Features of the BlueAnt Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones

BlueAnt is a trusted manufacturer of electronic gadgets and accessories. It has been around for decades and has consistently produced items with efficient design and maximum functionality.

The Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones is one of the examples of BlueAnt’s dedication to provide the best quality products to its loyal customers. Aside from its reasonable price, the features of this headphone are very impressive.

  • Excellent audio quality with its neodymium drivers
  • High-quality aluminum material used for a lightweight and durable design
  • Wireless design for maximum convenience and portability
  • Built-in microphone with amazing sound clarity
  • Sweat-proof earcups with anti-microbial components
  • One-touch control for hassle-free track and volume management
  • Maximum compatibility with any available smart gadgets


The Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones are the best example of excellence when it comes to producing great sound quality and providing comfort and convenience to the user. These headphones are engineered to produce excellent audio quality with thundering bass thanks to its 40mm Neodymium drivers – something that videogame players will surely appreciate.

Aside from its ability to produce good quality sound, it also has a wireless feature that makes it a very handy accessory. It uses high-quality aluminum materials to make it both lightweight and durable. These combined properties help make these headphones very portable.

These headphones’ built-in microphone captures sound with amazing clarity. The One Touch Control feature allows for easy and hassle-free volume management and track switching. It comes with earcups that have sweat-proof and antimicrobial properties. Another plus is that these headphones are really easy to connect and pair with other devices.


When it comes to sound quality and long battery life, nothing can beat the Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones. It’s almost free from flaws. However, one thing that people might not appreciate about it is its bulky design.


The quality of sound that the Pump Zone Over Ear HD Wireless Headphones produce is extraordinary. These headphones perform far better than you’d expect from a non-mainstream brand. They might be a bit pricier than other headphones but when it comes to functionality and durability they surely deliver.

These headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, allowing you to wear them for extended hours without hurting your ears. They produce a crisp and clear sound that makes listening to music a much better experience. These headphones might be a little bulky, but the sound quality makes up for this.


Two of the most popular products in the market right now are the BlueAnt Pump Zone Over Ear headphones and Cowin E-7 Wireless headphones. Both have impressive wireless features. While the Pump Zone headphones are more expensive, their features and sound quality make them a better option than the Cowin E-7 Wireless headphones.