How to Know if Headphones Have Good Bass

Whether you are an ardent music listener, a movie freak or an avid gamer, headphones will make your life better in more ways than one. You can listen to music in a more relaxed and comfortable position anytime, anywhere. You can isolate the sound in your ears and avoid disturbing other people who may not like your playlists and song choices.

The same goes for video gamers. Good quality headphones make games feel more intense and lifelike because of the amazing sound and immersive experience they produce.

Musicians also find great value in high-quality headphones because they allow them to create more distinct beats. You see, a simple accessory like headphones improves people’s lives in lots of ways.

Headphones are not only used by people who are really into music or gaming. They are used in many different fields and are considered a necessity by many people. There are hundreds of different brands and models of headphones that are available in the market, but this has disadvantages as well as advantages.

Having lots of options is good because it means that there’s a model for every possible customer need. But it also makes it really hard to choose because the amount of options is just too overwhelming.

How to Know if Headphones Have Good Bass Response

When it comes to choosing headphone models, you have to bear in mind the main reason why you need headphones in the first place. You want a better experience while listening to music, watching movies and playing video games. This means that sound quality should be your priority when choosing headphones.

One way to make sure that you’re getting some headphones with excellent sound quality is to look for a pair with good bass response. But how exactly do you know if your headphones have good bass?

There are hundreds of different models of headphones out there. Despite their unique designs, there are still several common denominators. For example, if you want good sound quality and bass response from your headphones, be sure to look for models with a big driver.

The driver size is directly proportional to the quality of sound it produces. The bigger the driver, the better the quality of the sound will be. This is always true for every single headphone model.

If you want top-notch bass headphones, look for models that have at least 50mm drivers, preferably bigger. What the drivers do is provide a physical structure for excellent sound production, allowing you to hear every bass tone in the song you’re listening to.

Here’s a list of the major headphone driver categories:

1.  Dynamic Driver – This is the most common type of driver available today. Aside from being cost-effective, it’s also able to create significant amount of bass response without using excessive power. However, if you get one with really poor quality, it’s very susceptible to distortion, especially at really high volumes.

2.  Planar Magnetic Driver – This is also known as an orthodynamic driver and is usually available in high-end headphones. The good thing about this driver is that it has an impressive bass response. Because of its design, it allows less sound distortion.

3.  Bone Conduction Drivers – This type of driver is engineered to send the vibrations straight to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. That way, sound is delivered with a crisper and clearer quality. It’s a good headphone driver for those who have trouble hearing properly.

The best way to identify if your headphones have good bass or not is by checking what kind of drivers it has. The three types of drivers mentioned above are the most common ones. The one that delivers the best bass response is the planar magnetic driver. These drivers do not just guarantee an improved bass response, they also guarantee an enhanced sound quality in general.

Good bass means good sound. This should be your priority when choosing headphones. Everything else is just secondary. Once you make sure that the sound quality is excellent, you can consider other features as well.