How To Sleep With Headphones

Have you ever found yourself staring into space when trying to sleep? Sleeplessness is a common problem brought about by stress, aging, illness and other factors. Some people find that music helps them relax and fall asleep better. Many doctors recommend people suffering from insomnia to listen to soothing music to induce sleep.

Whatever is the case, you may want to sleep with your headphones on. However, this is easier said than done. If the headband doesn’t fit comfortably or the earpieces keep slipping, you will find it difficult to sleep with headphones on. In this article we will tell you how to sleep with headphones on.

A word of caution: How to sleep with headphones 

While doctors recommend that people listen to music as a way to relax and sleep better, they warn against wearing headphones while sleeping. The reasons are simple. If you wear headphones that come with wires then you might inadvertently choke yourself, or they might interfere with your ability to sleep well.

Furthermore, if you live on your own then sleeping with noise-cancelling headphones might make it difficult to hear the smoke alarm if there’s a fire.

If you are willing to take the risks mentioned above and still sleep with headphones on then we suggest that you purchase a model that is designed for sleeping. There are special types of headphones that you can sleep with.

Why special headphones? Well, regular fabric headphones are affordable and quite comfortable but they cannot block out loud snoring noises from your partner. Noise-cancelling headphones on the other hand can keep out external noise, but they are quite expensive.

As a result, you need special headphones that not only stay snug-fit on your head while you sleep, but also meet your specific needs and match your budget. Here are some good options that allow you to enjoy music while you are trying to sleep.

Tooks Sportec Band Headphones

Tooks Sportec Band headphones are mainly used for two purposes: sports and sleep. These are light and comfortable headphones that you can comfortably sleep with.

You might need to adjust the headphones slightly while sleeping on your side based on the softness and design of your pillow. However, these headphones are capable of providing you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you sleep on a hard or thin pillow you might feel like the speakers are pressed against the ears. However, the speakers are well padded with lots of fabric to give you extra comfort.

Acousticsheep SleepPhones

Side-sleepers often complain that they feel the speakers pressed against their ears when sleeping with headphones on, so they will benefit from using Acousticsheep SleepPhones. These are special headphones designed for those who prefer to sleep on their side. They are made from high-grade materials and use extremely well-padded fabric which is easy on the ears when you side sleep.


These are small, thin headphones that are specially designed for sleeping. Unlike regular earphones they don’t come off when you lay your head on the pillow. They come with an extra-long cord so you can easily use them with an iPhone, iPod or any other music device. This saves you from the risk of getting tangled in the wires while sleeping. The earhooks are comfortable and are designed to help the headphones stay in place while you sleep.

If your budget permits, consider getting some high-end headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustics. They might cost hundreds of dollars but they have amazing noise-cancelling abilities coupled with great sound quality.


If you like relaxing with some good music and find this helps you fall asleep then we would suggest that you invest in some good quality headphones that you can sleep in comfortable.

Noise-cancelling headphones not only keep out snoring noises but also give you a more immersive listening experience. If you are willing to live with the risks associated with sleeping with headphones on then go ahead and get some that suit your requirements well. Sweet dreams!

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