ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds Review

Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, you can still appreciate how using headphones has changed your life for the better. Headphones allow you to shake off boredom when you’re standing in a very long queue. They also let you drown out the noise when you’re alone in a very crowded place.

Some people are able to concentrate more on tasks like studying or doing the laundry while listening to music. Headphones are especially useful when you don’t want to disturb other people who might not like your song choices.

Headphones are very convenient for a lot of people. For example, headphones with microphones let you take hands-free calls.

You see, there are many advantages to using headphones. If you are someone who uses them extensively, it’s a good idea to buy a pair that will last a long time. That way, even if you spend a fortune on an expensive pair, you will get your money’s worth in the long run. But if you don’t have a huge budget for headphones, there’s no need to worry. You can actually buy a high-quality pair that is within your budget.

To get the most value for money you have to take good care of your headphones so you can use them for a longer period of time.

If you have no idea which headphones to get, you can start by reading the reviews on online stores. People are able to leave their reviews for specific products, and this can guide you in choosing which product is best for you. One product with lots of positive reviews online is the ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds.

ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds

Key Features of the ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds

The ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds are a popular product from Defway. They demonstrate the company’s decades of commitment to providing quality products to their loyal customers. Defway are known for providing very affordable electronic gadgets and accessories for gamers.

Here are these headphones’ key features:

  • Stylish and elegant-looking design with premium metal housing and sandblasted surface textur
  • Excellent sound quality with strong bass, clear mids, and precise tunes
  • Impressive noise isolation properties for efficient blocking of noise from surroundings
  • Solid construction for maximum durability
  • Lightweight materials and portable design
  • Convenient design for answering calls, controlling volume and switching through songs in your playlist
  • Maximum compatibility to use with any available devices


If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will be perfect for your mobile phone, the ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds are a good choice. First off, they have a very stylish design that looks almost like a pair of headphones for Apple devices. They sport a premium metal housing that is both lightweight and durable.

The headphones have a sandblasted texture finish that prevents any fingerprint marks from accumulating on it. Of course, the best thing about this pair of earbuds is that it produces high quality sound with clear mids and a strong bass.

These earbuds allow you to enjoy your favorite music the way it is meant to be heard. You can hear the details of the songs you love very clearly. Because these earbuds have a good noise-isolation design, you can completely block the noise from the outside world and enjoy the great sound from your music playing device.

These earbuds also have a solid design and are constructed using lightweight and durable materials so you can expect long lasting use. They are also very convenient when it comes to answering calls and switching through songs on your playlist.


The ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds offer great sound quality. However, since they are a pair of earbuds, they’re not as effective in noise cancellation as over-ear headphones.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get really high quality earbuds. The ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds, for example, can be yours for less than twenty bucks and offer really good sound quality that is rare in headphones at this price point.

Another plus is that these earbuds’ design makes them look almost like Apple earbuds, so they look classy and expensive. Because of that, they’re easily one of the favorite pairs of earbuds on product reviews sites.


Just like the ROVKING Wired Metal In Ear Earbuds, the BlueAnt Wireless Headphone is one of the bestsellers in the market. While the latter is almost flawless, the ROVKING earbuds are still a preferred choice especially by people who don’t like bulky headphones.