Which Headphones Have The Most Bass?

In today’s technologically advanced world, getting your fix of bass is pretty easy. You could go to a club and hear some loud bass-heavy music. Or you could buy an amazing music system for your car or a subwoofer to make the bass sound more prominent.

But what about headphones? Reproducing and feeling those low frequencies booming in your ears within the confined area of a headphone can be difficult to achieve.

Fortunately, headphone manufacturers have realized the need for headphones that deliver thundering bass, and today you have a plethora of options available. Before we tell you which headphones have the most bass, let’s find out how they are different from your regular headphones.

Find Out Which Headphones Have The Most Bass

Technically speaking, headphones designed for bass are not really different than regular headphones. For some manufacturers, this is just a marketing strategy to let the customers know that their headphones are more compatible with bass-heavy music genres. Since audiophiles emphasize the need for better bass, manufactures spend thousands of dollars developing and advertising headphones that deliver the lowest and deepest bass tones.

There are many headphones in the market that claim to deliver good bass but they don’t all produce the same results.  Here are our top 5 picks to help take the confusion out of choosing the best over-ear headphones for bass.

#1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones are often considered as the best portable headphones money can buy. While slightly on the expensive side, they are all you need to make the deepest bass tones sound more prominent.

The bass sound delivered by Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is crisp and powerful. They are suitable for people who want a good balance of highs, mids and lows. When you pair them with your smartphone or MP3 player they give you insanely loud sound with accurate and detailed bass.

#2. Sony MDR-XB600

Sony MDR-XB600

Unlike the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones, the MDR-XB600s by Sony are marketed as bass-heavy headphones. The XB in the name stands means ‘eXtra Bass’ and we are pleased to find that they completely fulfill that promise.

The sound they deliver is loud, powerful and absolutely ideal for the bass-heavy electronic music and hip-hop. They offer the best bang for your buck.

#3. JVC HA-SZ2000


If you are an audiophile who cannot settle with anything less than the perfect bass tone then the JVC HA-SZ2000 headphones are sure to impress you. These Japanese-made headphones deliver 99% better bass than regular headphones. The manufacturer claims that these headphones deliver bass like you have never experienced before.

As you put these headphones on your ears, be prepared to experience a whole new level of bass. Pair them up with an iPod or tablet to get outstanding sound quality. If you want the bass tones to really come alive then consider using an amplifier.

The high and mid ranges are overpowered by the giant lows so they don’t sound so prominent, but then that’s what bass headphones are all about.

#4. Yamaha PRO 500

Yamaha PRO 500

Yamaha is a Japanese brand known for creating high-performing over-ear headphones that are sought after by audiophiles around the world. If you are looking for headphones that have the most bass, the Yamaha PRO 500s are a good choice.

These headphones are capable of producing high-quality sound that’s full of clarity and detail. They are loud and bold at the same time to give you the kind of ecstatic experience you have been looking for.

You can pair them up with your laptop or phone to get the insanely loud volumes. The bass sound is prominent yet well balanced. You can clearly hear the deep bass of guitar and drums while still hearing the mids and trebles clearly.

#5. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

The V-Moda brand is definitely one of the best when it comes to headphones and they are known for delivering overpowering bass.

While they cannot be compared with the Yamaha PRO 500 or JVC HA SZ2000 headphones when it comes to loudness and clarity, they deliver better sound than other headphones in this price range. When pairing them with a regular smartphone, use an amplifier to improve the sound quality.

Choose any of the headphones mentioned above if you are looking for a pair with a very high level of bass.